Upcoming Events

The August 2015 regular meeting of the Frog Hollow NRZ Committee will take place on Tuesday, October 20 at 5:00 PM and will be held at the Center for Urban and Global Studies, Trinity College, 70 Vernon Street.  Parking is available on Vernon Street, which is accessible for vehicles at Summit Street or in the parking lot on Broad Street just north of the intersection with Vernon Street.  For details on the meeting agenda and other matters currently before the Committee, please connect to the Committee via Facebook.


The Frog Hollow Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Committee is the duly designated neighborhood revitalization zone (NRZ) committee for the Frog Hollow NRZ.  We are residents, businesses, and non-profits working together to revitalize Frog Hollow -- and we're always looking for new members.

You can learn more about us and NRZs here, and you should feel free to contact us with any questions.

This web site also contains information on our Strategic Plan, our next meeting, our latest actions, and our positions on current, pending, or inactive development projects within the NRZ.
Archive of the Committee

At last it's begun!  The files have been uploaded, new pages are being added, and the links are going in.  Here's where we are:
  • we've uploaded 2,645 files
  • we've started pages for the Proceedings of the Committee
  • we're creating links to the most important documents first, those being primarily minutes
Despite the large number of files we've uploaded, there are more to come.  We're still sorting through various banker's boxes and so forth, and those should start arriving on this site in the next couple of months.  Unfortunately, it's also now clear that we are missing files, especially from the Frog Hollow South NRZ Committee, but we're hobbled by not knowing all of what we might be missing.   For example, we know we're missing minutes because we have the handwritten notes for that meeting but not the signed minutes, but we don't have a schedule of meetings that would allow us to know if we don't have something for every meeting.

If you know we're missing something, be it for Frog Hollow, Frog Hollow South, or North Frog Hollow, please let us know by dropping us an e-mail at <archive@fhnrz.com>.  Even better, if you have a document that we're missing, please share!

We'll post our progress under the Updates page, so check back often!