Upcoming Events

The December 2014 regular meeting of the Frog Hollow NRZ Committee will take place on Tuesday, December 16 at 5:00 PM and will be held at the Center for Urban and Global Studies, Trinity College, 70 Vernon Street.

For details on the meeting and on the Committee, please connect to Committee via Facebook.


The Frog Hollow Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Committee is the duly designated neighborhood revitalization zone (NRZ) committee for the Frog Hollow NRZ.  We are residents, businesses, and non-profits working together to revitalize Frog Hollow -- and we're always looking for new members.

You can learn more about us and NRZs here, and you should feel free to contact us with any questions.

This web site also contains information on our Strategic Plan, our next meeting, our latest actions, and our positions on current, pending, or inactive development projects within the NRZ.
Latest News

Our latest broadcasts and publications, including our recent correspondence, are available now as updates.  Updates are now current as of June 16, 2014.

BROAD STREET STREETSCAPE:  The City of Hartford, in connection with the State Department of Transportation and the Capital Region Council of Governments, has proposed to make certain improvements to the Broad Street streetscape.  Information about the municipal government's proposal is available on our web site, and it seeks your comments on the proposed improvements.  Please visit our dedicated page, and mail your comments to chair@fhnrz.com.

ARCHIVE OF OUR PROCEEDINGS:  The rather lengthy process to upload our proceedings has officially begun.  Files spanning August 2000, which was our first organizational meeting, through December 2002 are currently being uploaded.  We have also uploaded files dating back to 1993, which include the NRZ Statute (1995) that created the NRZ process and that governs our actions as well as some documents that pertain to projects that remain ongoing in our NRZ.

Over the next few weeks, links to these documents will begin to appear on this web site, in particular under the Proceedings page.  We'll announce momentous additions to the Proceedings, but in general this will be a quiet process that expands over the course of the year.