Upcoming Events

The March 2015 regular meeting of the Frog Hollow NRZ Committee will take place on Tuesday, March 17 at 5:00 PM and will be held at the Lyceum, 227 Lawrence Street.  Parking is available in the parking lot to the north of the Lyceum as well on the west side of Lawrence Street.

For details on the meeting agenda and other matters currently before the Committee, please connect to the Committee via Facebook.


The Frog Hollow Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Committee is the duly designated neighborhood revitalization zone (NRZ) committee for the Frog Hollow NRZ.  We are residents, businesses, and non-profits working together to revitalize Frog Hollow -- and we're always looking for new members.

You can learn more about us and NRZs here, and you should feel free to contact us with any questions.

This web site also contains information on our Strategic Plan, our next meeting, our latest actions, and our positions on current, pending, or inactive development projects within the NRZ.
Latest News

New note for January 18, 2015.

ARCHIVE OF OUR PROCEEDINGS:  Another weekend, and another round of uploads:  2007 has now made it to the site.  As soon as we make it to 2010, we'll start creating links around the web site.

Look back soon for a re-vamp of the site, as the site increasingly adopts its function as the archive of the Committee's proceedings.  The first archival pages to go up will be fore minutes and resolutions, with reports to follow shortly after that.